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Gayane Petrosyan: “The presence of women in local self-government is not only desirable, but also mandatory”

Four years ago Gayane Petrosyan made a decision to turn from a passive resident into an active female figure who can contribute to community development. On the eve of Elderly elections, she told Suren Srapoyan, the longtime community head of the Ditak community, that she decided to nominate her candidacy for the upcoming municipal elections and try to force on the local self-government.


“I came home and said that, my husband was amazed, but he did not mind. At first, my children did not imagine what it means to be an elder, and now they are proud of it, “Gayane tells WomenNet.am, noting that the villagers also welcomed the woman’s entrance to the elders and not only did not hear criticism, on the contrary, residents of the community gave so much vote of confidence that she  appeared in the Council of Elders.


Gayane Petrosyan is one of the five members of the community council of the Ditak community in Ararat province today. There are two women in this community in the current community council. Gayane’s experience has inspired other women in the village. This time, five women were nominated for the upcoming municipal elections in Ditak on June 9th, including Gayane Petrosyan. She says she has been nominated again because she has half-done things.


According to Gayane Petrosyan, Ditak village is in good condition compared to many villages in the country. There is no problem with irrigation and drinking water, the main roads are repaired, there is a good school and a kindergarten. But there are problems that the community cannot solve by itself.


According to Gayane, the issue of the community kindergarten needs a priority, which, although modernized, has been repaired but does not work.


Gayane Petrosyan says with regret that emigration from their community is great, as there are no jobs other than the school, the village administration and the health post. Gayane is happy that young women have been nominated for the new municipal elections. She says if she is not elected for the second time, she will not be depressed: “I will be glad to see them in the Council of Elders and pass on my experience. I am convinced that the younger generation is more decisive and more advanced in thinking. ”


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