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Dedication and diligence. Gayane Simonyan innovation secret 


“The bees are making changes in the candle light, and when people are burning candle made of wax, they  release the light again” following the advertisement  you will explore the natural honey and beeswax candles packaging,  a unique product offered by BeeArt company. Founder, living in the city of Spitak, Gayane Simonyan, who believes that any idea can be implemented thanks to the dedication and hard work, and would  love your work so much not to noticed how time passes.


She is a philologist, but having an inquisitive mind, decided to initiate some things apart from profession. One day, accidentally fell into the hands the picture of bee standing on a wax. She studied balanced and interesting structure of the honeycomb. Having no idea about beekeeping she decided to research the history of honey and its products, and found that in addition to being nutritious, beeswax can substitute paraffin candle with wide household consumption. She revealed that unlike paraffinic containing toxic compounds for the health and environment, candles of beeswax made of a pleasant aroma when burned emit a healing, bactericidal ions, except it has a brighter light and longer burning. It remained to solve the problem of presenting wax made eco-candles in beautiful packing …


So she decided to implement the idea and in spite of many challenges now her workers are as hard-working as Gayane.


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