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Gender budgeting courses: Why are they necessary?


In June Women’s non-governmental organization Women’s Resourse Center together with the US National Democratic Institute (NDI) is organizing training for women members / employees of the organizations dealing with gender issues as well as individuals interested in gender budgeting and gender analysis of budgets of different levels.


What is gender budgeting?


Gender budgeting is an indispensable tool in the hands of professionals dealing with social and gender justice.


Gender budgeting is a series of measures aimed at the budget formulation and analysis of such components so that they can take into account the interests and needs of men and women belonging to different social groups. Moreover, gender-sensitive and responsible budget is not about whether women and men spent an equal amount. It is important to clarify whether the budgetary funds spent in line with the needs of women and men.


Mainstreaming implies gender analysis process, which allows determining the differences between men and women, depending on their activities, the conditions of life and activities, needs, availability of resources and control, as well as their influence on the development and decision-making opportunities.


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