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Gender Gap Index 2018: Armenia occupies 98th place

At least 202 years will be required to ensure full equality between men and women in the world. This is how the World Economic Forum has published its Global Gender Gap Report 2018.


It should be noted that the gender gap is calculated by the World Economic Forum since 2006 in four key areas: economic participation and professional growth opportunities, education, healthcare and political participation. Indicator essentially reflects the difference between women and men’s capabilities in each of these areas.


Over the course of one year, gender equality in the policy, health, education, and education around the world has improved by 0.1 percent, which means that 108 years are needed to achieve equality in those spheres.


However, there is a serious problem in terms of gender breakdown in the economy – it is the most problematic issue. Anna Karin Japorte, head of the United Nations Women’s Organization, notes that 202 years are too long for economic justice.


Armenia occupied 98th place instead of last year’s 97th.


According to this year’s report, Armenia is 98th among 149 countries. For comparison, in 2017 Armenia occupied 97th place among 144 countries of the world.


Armenia has regressed in three of the 4 key spheres of gender breakdown:


According to the index of political participation (representation of women and men in governing bodies), Armenia has retreated this year, having lost its position by 4 points, moving from 111 to 115th place. Meanwhile, women are in the 96th place in the parliamentary representation level and occupy the 109th place in the executive body.


In terms of equality between men and women in the economy, Armenia has frustrated its position, occupying 73nd place instead of the 71st one of the previous year. For the third consecutive year, Armenia is in the 69th position in 2016.


The best picture of gender equality is in education, where Armenia has made progress, moving from 42nd place of last year to 35 among 149 countries.


Armenia has the worst health sector in four areas of gender breakdown, ranks 148th out of 149 countries. Last year, it was the 143th place last year.


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