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Only one woman nominated for Goris community council elections


After the local elections to be held on September 18 Goris community will unite 12 localities. As a result of enlargement residents of Akner, Bardzravan, Khndzoresk, Hartashen, Nerqin Khndzoresk, Shukhnur, Vorotan, Verishen, Qarahunj will be in Goris community. Instead of the former 62 members of the council, now it will be composed of 15 staff members. Only one out of  nominated 26 candidates as a council member is a woman, a journalist, member of Goris Women’s Development “Resource Center” Foundation Irina Yolian.



“I plan to help my community, by active operation to introduce quality changes in the community. I want to show by my own example  that the community council member  is not the one appropriating public ownership but the one who is  willing to provide consistency for resolving the problems. Irina Yolian entered the campaign with this message.



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