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The government promises to expand women’s economic opportunities

The Government’s program published on February 6 touched upon the issue of expanding women’s economic opportunities. Direct reference to women’s rights is focused on the chapter entitled “Free Dignified and Happy Citizen.” Particularly, in the chapter on ” Overcoming poverty, social protection and demography”, the executive promises:


“The government will also focus on expanding women’s economic opportunities and creating favorable conditions for equal rights and equal opportunities for men and women.


Increased targetedness of state employment programs will be implemented, new programs will be carried out, aimed at raising competitiveness of young people, persons with disabilities, women in the labor market, promoting “education and labor market” interactions, job vacancies, as a result of unemployment reduction.


The government also envisages simplifying the mechanisms for regulating labor relations, bringing them into line with the requirements set out in international treaties, and ensuring the implementation of a comprehensive and effective state control over the fulfillment of labor legislation requirements.


It should also be noted that the government is spoiling the health care sector, focusing on improving maternal and child health, reproductive health, early childhood and adolescent health issues, and improving the efficiency and management of cardiovascular and cancer diseases. Number, indicators on the current situation and the expected outcome are missing. The formulas are very general, like good wishes. The lack of pointers and program implementation mechanisms has also caused dissatisfaction among many. Various specialists say that there is no indicator, there is no control, there is no accountability and responsibility.


More or less numbers are included in the program, in the education section. For example, the government as one of the Government’s program goals in the field of general education has determined that it should increase the accessibility and availability of pre-school education to all communities by up to 70 percent of children aged over 3 years by 2023.


The government aims to eliminate extreme poverty by 2023, significantly reducing poverty. The same section states that the government will be consistent in preventing children from entering orphanages, returning them to their families, and arranging the process of organizing an independent youth life, independent of their orphanage.


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