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In Gyumri and Vanadzor cities, 30 percent of women candidates nominated by party lists are women


Our analysis of the electoral lists of the parties nominated in Gyumr and Vanadzor cities shows that, in general, included 221 candidates out of 745 , ie 30 per cent are women. This fact proves that already today the two parties of big cities alone can provide at least 30 percent representation of women in their electoral lists, therefore 30/70 proportion fixed by 130.2 the articles of the Election Code delaying until the date 2021 originally in was not justified.



The party nominations have been completed. According to the CEC, by 11 political forces were nominated in Gyumri.



8 parties were nominated in Vanadzor.



The election campaign will start in Gyumri and Vanadzor on September 9th  and will last until September 30th.



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