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“Thick lips” as a high work performance indicator

Everyone knows the problems of the Armenian labor market, the shadow, unsatisfactory remuneration for labor, overtime work, no vacations, and other forms of employee exploitation. And along with all this, also discrimination against women in her obvious and hidden manifestations has its own place , which has only been spoken for years, but nothing changes. While some doubt the presence of vicious phenomena in the labor market, employers continue to introduce special requirements that are not related to their professional skills … The striking evidence is the statements we have discovered on Armenian advertising websites.


It’s a pity, but fact: requirements having nothing in common with professionalism can now be found in almost every second of the “secretary” seeking statements. It is obvious, that such demands are preparing grounds for future sexual harassment, as the request for “thick lips” and other benefits cannot have any other logical explanation.


By the way, the draft amendments to the Labor Code of the Republic of Armenia, recently published, envisages the prohibition of forced labor of any form (nature) and the abuse of workers on “physical and (or) mental and (or) sexual immunity actions or threats”. It should also be noted that the RA Law on Equal Rights and Equal Opportunities for Women adopted in 2013 not only prohibits sexual harassment, but also “the establishment of such conditions, the presentation of the claims that have caused or may have adverse consequences of a certain gender in the form of causing harm to persons”.


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