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The US national team physician sentenced to 175 years in jail for sexual harassment

Larry Nassar, a senior  physician of the US gymnastics team, was sentenced to 175 years in jail for sexual harassment. The verdict was made in Michigan on January 24th , although lawsuits against the doctor have been introduced since 2012, even by juvenile athletes who have been victims of abuse during the medical examination. It was noted that the US Gymnastics Federation was aware of the doctor’s activities but did not interfere in the situation, fearing a sexual scandal. Now, after the scandal in Hollywood, the fight against the sexual harassment has gained momentum and the athletes have the courage to make accusations.


The doctor was accused of having sexually explicit behavior on the grounds of treatment. He has been charged with over 160 girls, including Olympic champions. Nassar has found himself guilty of ten incidents of violence against athletes and publicly apologized for his actions. The accusations in the court have been published by the New York Times, citing the words of the victims.


Judge Rosmary Akuilina, publicizing the verdict qualified it as a verdict of death: “I just signed a death sentence for you. You are not worthy of ever going out of prison”, she said. Let us mention that Nasser was already convicted and last December he was sentenced to 40 years in prison for keeping child pornography. To note, 54-year-old Larry Nasser had been a US gymnastics team physician for nearly two decades, until 2015.


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