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School library, council. Hasmik Mazmanyan’s path / Multimedia 27.06.2019

Hasmik Mazmanyan, mother of two schoolchildren, historian-geologist, works at Shirakamut school as a librarian. Since 2016 she is a member of Shirakamut Community Council of Lori Region.


The reason for becoming a member of the council was Hasmik’s sister’s “Lessons of Social Sciences” discipline, during which the pupils visited the community council to try to get information on the community budget and dwell on the wall. This also caused Hasmik to start thinking about joining the council. Husband was inspired by his wife’s decision and is now proud of his wife’s intelligent and principled work.


Hasmik says with regret that today’s council is not yet established, and people usually do not want to go against the mayor. Among the most successful proposals in the Council of Elders, the trash can be placed.


Hasmik highlights women’s social activity. Often participating in various conferences – one as a pupil, and a teacher. She is convinced that such meetings should be organized often in communities.


Hasmik has a clear position on women’s involvement in politics. The emphasis should be on capacity but not on numbers.


In spite of this, women’s involvement is small, and the enlargement of communities first of all hampers women. If, for example, you know in the community, know and trust you, in the other communities, at best, they know your husband, but that’s not enough, after all, your personality and ideology are not represented. There is a slight mistake in the process of activating and involving women. It is important that them just to be a woman, it is important to be a smart, intelligent woman. If, for example, there are 7 unemployed women and one strong, intelligent man in the council, the advantage will be her and vice versa. So society must be educated. ”


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