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Hasmik Sargsyan: “Today, the problem of a Jermuk woman is much more than before”

Hasmik Sargsyan, a doctor at the Armenia resort of Jermuk and a member of the community council, knows exactly what problems are urgent, but also understands that there are no secondary problems that make people’s lives as comfortable as possible. Being guided by that principle, she took part in the local elections in 2016 as a member of the Council of Elders and won the largest number of votes. All her competitors were men. Today, she is the only female member of Jermuk Community Council, which is more binding …


She has a definite attitude toward the participation of women in solving community issues…


“At all times, women have always walked with men, if the head of the institution was a man , the deputy had to be a woman. Let’s not forget that women were flying in space, The author of the plan of Jermuk was the honored builder Perchouhi Msryan. However, in the post-Soviet era, women became passive, driven by their lifestyle. Today, they are not so active, it is difficult to change their thinking, to believe that they are equal to men. I think women should be more active because the woman is the mother of the family, the mistress of the home, her involvement and the ability to solve problems are essential in all matters. They are more responsible, notice any detail. Today, the problem of a Jermuk woman is much more than before, “says Hasmik Sargsyan …


Jermuk attracts people from all over the world with its resorts, beautiful nature and hospitable population. Here, perhaps, in the oldest “Armenia” resort you can see the people gathered near the doctor’s cabinet – Armenian, Russian and Kazakh. They are all waiting for one, Hasmik Sargsyan.


Hasmik Sargsyan was born and upbrought in Jermuk, so she is aware of the city’s problems. For those with eyes, ears and memories, who feel life’s change, development, or regress, there is much to do in the City Council. She knows what problems are urgent, but also understands that there are no secondary problems that have pledged to make the lives of people as prosperous as possible.


So Hasmik Sargsyan, guided by this principle, in the words of Vardan Hovhannisyan, the longtime leader of Jermuk City and the members of the Youth Organization of the city, participated  in the local elections, as a candidate for the council of elders and won the largest number of votes.


I do not regret that at the same time I am a council member. As a physician I am well aware of not only the health of the residents, but also the social problems. I meet residents not only at the resort, but also in the street, in the municipality. Being from Jermuk, I am well aware of almost all the problems of the community, which I am not only listening to during the council meetings, but also consistent to their solution.


Intercommunity roads are being renovated, and “open-door days” are often organized for the community’s residents, particularly for women. At the council meeting, it was proposed to create a refrigerator and slaughterhouse in the surrounding villages.


Speaking about the effectiveness of community enlargement, Hasmik Sargsyan mentions that it is still too early to make assessments, as many people still do not fully understand the whole process in the community.


Hasmik Sargsyan gets rid of the tiredness of her work in her native village Gndevaz. She likes to take part in the lavash baking process, help her grandmother in all agricultural activities. In his conviction, the work with the land doubles the power, the new charge, which is enough for a busy working week.


The council member is convinced that the situation of Jermuk residents in comparison with the population in other provinces of the republic is incomparably better  as since the 1990s, the sanatoriums have been functioning providing work places for the city’s population, as well as “Jermuk” Mineral Water Factory, but today employment and emigration are among the city’s priorities.


For Hasmik Sargsyan the problem of youth has always been a priority. Before being elected a member of the council, communication with young people was a matter of concern, particularly the young families’ issues. The termination of Soviet-era housing construction in the independent Armenia has dramatically reduced the number of young families. These days emigration is one of the most painful issues in Jermuk, and creation of jobs is crucial to prevent it.


The City Council of Jermuk has sent a letter to the Armenian Government with a request to stop mine exploitation, believing that “mine exploitation hurt the reputation of a world-renowned mineral water-rich resort town.”


Anush Nersisyan

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