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Heriknaz Nazaryan. “Let’s return Artashat residents  the right and feeling of the owner of the city”

Heriknaz Nazaryan, nominated by the Artashat community for the September 29 local government elections, is convinced that the Artashat council election may be the first step on the path to major changes.


Heriknaz Nazaryan has rich work experience. 1977-1996 From she worked as the chief accountant in the department of culture of the Artashat district administration, receiving a higher education in economics. In 1996-2000 she was the Director of Shahumyan Village School of Art and in 2011-2015 – the Director of Artashat European College. She has twice elected a member of the Artashat community council, but she says there is still work to be done, so running for the third time is justified.


For the first time she participated in the election process in 2002, a member of the Rule of Law Party Sergo Yeritsyan involved her in politics. “The environment of literate people captivated me, and I also had my beliefs and attitudes. In 2008, I was nominated and elected. I worked with love, I was consistent in everything. I also won the city council elections for the second time, and now I’m trying to run for the third time. During this time I grew up, I was constantly studying all the laws, especially the laws of the local self-government, and raised many questions during the sessions, ”says Heriknaz.


To his conviction, the May change of government allowed the revolutionary process to continue, creating a new state of affairs in Artashat so that the management of the future of the city would be passed on to professional, honest and caring people who would lead the development of the city to the realization of interesting ideas and effective programs and universal citizenship. with a stream of steps.


According to Herkinaz, much has changed during this time: the mindset has doubled, the activity towards social issues has doubled, the culture of teamwork has developed, the citizen of Armenia has begun to live in the concerns of the city and the village.


Heriknaz Nazaryan’s work during the past years is visible in the field of housing construction, kindergarten renovation or reopening, as a result of her proposal to use a more flexible property tax collection scheme raised more than 90 million AMD. The most painful and unsolved issue for the Council of Elders candidate is garbage disposal.


– I believe that a woman must be  smart, thoughtful. I bring up my children in that spirit. I set a benchmark for them, I urge them to choose a friend or a life companion in line with their thinking, with whom the path will not be interrupted. I value people who have their own opinion, even if they oppose me. A person must have his/her own opinion, be able to analyze, live honest and dignified, this is my conviction.

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