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Heriknaz Tigranyan: “Do not be indifferent to your future, do not be “locked” in your kitchens …”

Many lawmakers know Herinaz Tigranyan because of her active civil position and human rights activist activities. It is noteworthy that she has come up with clear and grounded stances on the gaps and problems of various scandalous legislative projects. She worked in the state system and then as a legal advisor at the Transparency Anti-Corruption Center. Now, she is a candidate for parliament nominated by the “My Step” alliance.


She was nominated by the “My Step” bloc in the electoral district N1, which includes Yerevan’s Avan, Nor Nork, Kanaker-Zeytun administrative districts. She considers her transition from law-enforcement to legislative action as justified and solid. She says that she has been in the public domain for a long time and has not only been a human rights activist but also actively involved in various legislative changes related to legislative work.


The accumulated problems are numerous. Tigranyan, however, already knows from what to start and what are the priorities to be settled. “Social justice, decent and protected work, anti-corruption strategy. These are the three main problems I have to speculate and I have specific recommendations for solving them. To address these issues, legislative changes are needed to ensure the protection of labor rights, empowerment of trade unions and their role, the introduction of fairer social protection mechanisms and the creation of a non-corruption management system.”


In any case, Tigranyan assures, if elected and working as a deputy, she is ready to protect not only women, but the rights and legitimate interests of each of them, if they are endangered or violated. She says that any discrimination for her is denied.


“The potential of women, according to my well-known reports, is not sufficiently used and these resources are a lost resource. It is necessary to create mechanisms for the role of women in the family and workplace so that the working woman it does not become a real threat to losing her job or finding a job, “says Tigranyan.


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