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Hranush Rostomyan: “In the village my principalities and actions  are known to everyone” 

On June 9th local elections will be held in Karadzor community of Lori marz. Hranush Rostomyan, 68 years old, is one of the four candidates for the mayor.


Hranush Rostomyan is a medical worker for many years working in Karadzor medical center, now she is a pensioner, at first glance it seems the time to enjoy the leisure time, but at the first moments of the meeting it becomes clear that she is strong and has much to do for her native village. With that consciousness she has nominated her candidacy and is struggling to become a mayor.


In the village, the tension has recently reached the peak, the former mayor is accused of abuse, which has led to the resignation of the council as a result of the pressure of the people. Extraordinary elections were appointed. Hranush Rostomyan says her  rivals have been nominated for personal accounts, and in this case the woman is the force that can aggravate the tension in the community.


Hranush Rostomyan is not going to work alone, believes that a woman can be a good organizer, that teamwork is more effective and a strong team should be created.


As with other communities, Karadzor also has many problems: unhealthy roads, disconnected water lines, no hall for celebrations. H Rostomyan is thinking of putting into practice all the possible methods, believing that being a woman would help to solve many issues for the benefit of the village and have felt the advantage of being a woman in the past.


Hranush Rostomyan does not carry out a pre-election campaign if she  meets her fellow villagers; she talks about what she needs to do; and the lack of a special campaign explains that in the village her principles and actions are known to everyone. That is why she is convinced that her fellow villagers will appreciate the years of work and vote for her.

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