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Human Rights Watch on Women and Children’s Rights in Armenia

Human Rights Watch has published a 643-page report on human rights in 90 countries. The report of 2018 has the title “Struggle for the Success of Rights”.


Executive Director Kenneth Roth writes that the struggling political leaders of human rights have demonstrated that in the case of effective consolidation with the mobilized community as well as with different actors, authorities opposing human rights cannot progress.


As for Armenia, the experts of the organization state that the concerns have not been dissolved. Human Rights Watch has documented serious concerns about human rights protection, including sexual orientation and gender-based violence and discrimination.


The report highlights the election, violence against journalists, ineffective cases of torture, domestic violence, women’s and children’s rights and other issues.


“Domestic violence is a serious problem, thousands of women annually report incidents. Local NGOs report that at least four women were killed by their partners or family members in 2017, “the report said.


The report says that thousands of children are in institutions because of poverty or disability. The organization’s experts estimate the government’s reform, noting that some institutions are transformed into community centers, preferring family care, but children with disabilities are equally not included. They often stay in institutions as an adult, for an indefinite term, deprived of their functionality.


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