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“If a man is attracted to a well-groomed woman, then a woman in her turn likes a well-groomed man”

At the age of 12, she entered the Metro Theater, then State Theater of Song, then tried her efforts in the journalism field … whatever area she was choosing, it should be  job that will be spiced with art elements. WomenNet.am’s interlocutor is cosmetologist Lusine Aghbalyan, who works at the “David” beauty salon.


In the case of Lusine’s current job, at the first glance, it has nothing to do with art. But she is convinced that there is connection because it gives beauty to people. “If you make perfect changes to a person who is happy with the result, it is nothing more than aesthetics and is therefore an art.”


Lusine Aghbalyan has been working as a cosmetologist for the past 15 years, but she was one of the first who tried to bring innovation in her work and began to provide cosmetologist services to men as well. She tells that many years ago when she was making the first steps in this area, many were skeptical. They said that Armenian men, no matter how much they want, will not benefit from the cosmetologist services based on purely stereotypes. However, the facts show that it is not so because today men are more than women.


“A few years ago male customers used to attend beauty salons only for having their hair cut (best –  for shaving), but now the picture is different. Men have begun to look after their appearance, ” says Lusine, adding that today their customers are not only those for whom the appearance is a professional requirement.


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