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What a woman … Levon Igityan insulting a member of the Council of Elders

Armtimes.com introduces the vulgar incident at the Yerevan Council of Elders’ session.


 ArmTimes.com correspondent reports that the members of the Yerkir Apricot faction were dissatisfied with the selection of the persons nominated for the honorary citizen of Yerevan. Members of the Republican faction responded by vulgar replies, including Levon Igityan, whose colleagues regularly reprimanded him. In a similar situation Armtimes.com correspondent heard how Levon Igityan blasphemed. “They say that the woman is insulted, what a woman, bitch…” said Levon Igityan, causing the laughter of the Republican Party members. News.am’s camera  has fixed that moment.


By the way, the issue of granting the title of Honorary Citizen of Yerevan was discussed at the sitting. In this connection member of Yerkir Apricot faction Marina Khachatryan announced that granting that title was disgraceful. “These titles in our Republic already, many titles, medals, etc., have already been devalued because they are given inexplicable, unprofessional and by those who are destroying our city, our country. I think it’s a shame that such honored people, including Ralph Yirikian, receive a similar award from the Mayor Taron Margaryan’s hand  – destructor of the city “said Marina Khachatryan in her speech.


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