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Every fourth respondent  agrees with the claim that “In some cases a woman deserves being beaten” / video

According to the sociological survey conducted by the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) on the “Men and Gender Equality Issue in Armenia”, conducted in 2016, the Armenian society is inclined to justify violence against women.


  • 7% of respondents said that “women should tolerate violence for the sake of preserving their family”;
  • 7% of respondents agreed that “the woman deserves being beaten in some cases”, that is, every fourth of the respondents justifies violence;
  • “If a woman betrays  a man, the latter can beat her,” 55.4% of respondents agree with the claim;
  • 2% of respondents also acknowledged that “if a woman is raped, she has usually done something thus placing herself in that situation”;
  • 8% of respondents said that in some cases of rape women actually want it to happen;
  • 9% of women acknowledged that they were subjected to psychological violence by their partner. 21.3% of respondents said that they were subjected to economic violence and 12.5% to physical violence. As for men, the greater percentage of them has admitted that they are subject to violence by women than women admitting the fact of being subjected to violence;
  • To the question, if you apply supervision to your partner, 95.5% of men answered yes;


Let us remind that the survey was carried out in Yerevan and in the regions in 2015-2016. The questionnaire was filled in by 1617 people.


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