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Irina Harutyunyan: “As a resident, you can complain, but you have to do as the alderman”

We held an interview with Irina Harutyunyan, who is nominated by the Yerkir Tsirani party electoral list for Yerevan City Council elections. She says it is preferable for a woman to be a mayor, because she is more likely to face problems with both the transportation and the garbage and the problems with kindergartens and non-comfortable streets, so that solutions can be better understood.


She was born in 1967 in Yerevan, graduated from Kh. Pedagogy and Psychology Department of Pedagogical Institute after Abovyan. She has 4 years of pedagogical work experience, after which she has been engaged in entrepreneurship.


Not only this, but also for the previous Yerevan Council of Elderly elections, I was nominated by the Yerkir Tsirani party. You do not have to be in the Council of Elders to deal with the problems of Yerevan, every resident is obliged to see all the happenings in his city, good and bad, and compulsory intervention, to take part in solving those problems. Each of us loves our Yerevan and we cannot remain indifferent to the events taking place in Yerevan. However, the difference is that as an elder, you already have the power to raise and handle some issues.


We can work with the government effectively, because we share the same ideas and have almost the same programs. The government, though new, is well aware of the problems of our city. Together we have been struggling against illegalities and I think the cooperation will be very good.


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