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“It is time to recognize Artsakh.” The appeal was passed to the embassies accredited in Armenia

Representatives of Armenian women’s human rights organizations have been protesting in front of the embassies of a number of countries in Yerevan since this morning, presenting and conveying to them the appeal of immediate recognition of the Republic of Artsakh.


“Appeal to and urge the Governments and Parliaments of the countries of the world to internationally recognize the right to self-determination of the Artsakh people, considering the immediate recognition of independence as the only stable and reliable guarantee for ensuring the right to life and security of the Armenian population historically living in the territory of Artsakh”, – reads the appeal, which is signed by 45 non-governmental organizations and associations dealing with protection of women’s rights.


The march of the representatives authorized by the initiating NGOs started from the office of the EU Delegation to Armenia, where the protesters read their appeal in English, handing it to the representative of the embassy.


The appeal, in particular, emphasizes that there should be no “gray zones” in the protection of human rights, double standards; draws attention to the fact that today the fact of the Republic of Artsakh being unrecognized “justifies” the suffering and death of civilians living there, even children and expresses a conviction that only the international recognition of the Republic of Artsakh can become a clear precondition for ending the brutal war that took many lives of women, children, the elderly and young people, and eliminating the humanitarian catastrophe in Artsakh.


It is noteworthy that women who fled their homes in Artsakh after the war unleashed by Azerbaijan and targeted civilians were protesting in front of the EU office. They came to meet with EU Ambassador Andrea Victorin to convey their demand not to turn a blind eye to Azerbaijan’s aggression and war crimes and to recognize the independence of the Republic of Artsakh. Armenia and Artsakh women’s rallies united under the slogans “It’s time to recognize Artsakh”, “Protect Artsakh from the danger of Genocide”, “Do not keep silent, the genocide is repeated”, “Stop terrorism”, “Recognize Artsakh for salvation”. The international recognition of Artsakh, according to the protesters, is the only and reliable guarantee that will save the peaceful Armenian population living in Artsakh from the danger of ethnic extermination.


The march of Armenian women’s human rights organizations continued to the diplomatic missions of the presiding countries of the Minsk Group: Russia, France, the United States, then India, Greece, China, Italy and the United Kingdom. Stopping in front of each embassy, the protesters read the appeal over a loudspeaker and handed it to the embassy representatives. The message, by the way, was sent to the embassies of the countries accredited in Armenia.


Full text of the appeal in three languages: Armenian, Russian and English.


The appeal is open to join at this link. shorturl.at/nrwLY


At the moment the appeal is joined by:

  1. OxYGen Empowering Women and Youth Foundation
  2. “Community Consolidation and Support Center” NGO
  3. “ProMedia-Gender” NGO (WomenNet.am website)
  4. Coalition to StopViolence against Women
  5. Women’s Support Center “NGO
  6. “Women’s Resource Center” NGO
  7. “Sexual Violence Crisis Center” NGO
  8. “Women’s Rights Center” NGO
  9. “Society without Violence” NGO
  10. “Public Information and Need for Knowledge” NGO
  11. “Real world, real people” NGO
  12. “Disability and Inclusive Development” NGO
  13. “Spitak Helsinki Group” human rights NGO
  14. WINNET Armenia — Network of Women Resource Centers
  15. Goris Women’s Development Resource Center
  16. Sisian Women’s Resource Center Foundation
  17. Meghri Women’s Resource Center “NGO
  18. Kapan Women’s Resource Center NGO
  19. “Ijevan Women’s Resource Center” Foundation
  20. Ashtarak Regional Women’s Association NGO
  21. “Armenian Progressive Youth” NGO
  22. “Angel” Social Educational and Cultural NGO
  23. “Easy Life” NGO
  24. “Salvation” NGO
  25. “Spitak Baze ”NGO for the protection of the interests of persons with disabilities
  26. “We can” NGO
  27. Coalition against Discrimination and for Equality
  28. “Young Tavush” NGO
  29. “Pink” human rights NGO
  30. “Socioscope” NGO
  31. Ajdahak “Social-Environmental Center” NGO
  32. Youth for Change NGO
  33. “Sose Women’s Issues” NGO
  34. Helsinki Citizens’ Assembly Vanadzor Office
  35. FM Independent Journalism Platform NGO
  36. “Women’s Potential Development Center” NGO
  37. ” Women’s Rights House “NGO
  38. “Support for Women and Children” NGO
  39. “For Equal Rights” NGO
  40. “Youth Ideas” youth NGO
  41. “Regional Center for Human Capital Development” NGO
  42. Armenian Young Women’s Association
  43. YSU Center for Gender Studies
  44. Girls in tech-Armenia

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