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Jemma Harutyunyan: with a strong will as a stone –  for the sake of Amasia

Rooted from Kars, raised and tempered in the north of Armenia, with a strong will as a stone. Jemma Harutyunyan is… the head of the Amasia Enlarged Community of Shirak Province … She says that the problems of the Enlarged Community are even bigger, and there are not always great opportunities to solve them. But vital issues have already been resolved. All 9 villages in Amasia were provided with night lighting …


In the traditional Armenian family, besides her husband, her mother-in-law and father-in-law were not opposed to her work.


Jemma Harutyunyan does not lead an ordinary community. There are 9 villages in Amasia. The male heads and councilors of all these districts take into account the female leader. But it cannot be said that everything is easily regulated.


“Whatever I do, I take into account the opinion and priority needs of the population. I don’t make decisions alone. People have to say what they think is important at the moment in order to discuss, understand, find solutions.”


There are many problems in the villages. Especially this year the villagers are in poor condition, the hail damaged the crop, and even people cannot preserve the grass for animals to eat during the winter months. We do not yet know how we will solve these issues, ”the mayor worries.


Besides, there are still people living in huts in Amasia. Given the weather in this region, it is not difficult to imagine what difficulties people in a tin can have, how much fuel they use to survive the cold.


Strong nerves, balance and staffing. The mayor confesses that it would be impossible to work without all this. “We are recruiting many young people. They will have employment, stay in place, work, maintain a family. ”


The community hall is not the only place of work in Amasia. The wool processing workshop opened here will provide sustainable work to over 60 locals.


She sees the meaning of life in the soil and in the plant. Like her fellow villagers, Jemma Harutyunyan cultivates both land and livestock. The position did not equal the lady to the men. She is sure that this path of overcoming hardship has not overshadowed femininity.

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