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Jemma Harutyunyan. “Since the first days of the state of emergency, disinfection works have been organized in the community”

As part of the measures to prevent coronavirus infection, the Amasia Municipality continues to carry out disinfection works these days. Disinfectants are used to disinfect the entrances of apartment buildings, stairwells and garbage cans. Jemma Harutyunyan, the head of Amasia community of Shirak region, told WomenNet.am about this.


According to Harutyunyan, immediately after receiving information about the state of emergency declared in Armenia due to COVID 19, disinfection works were organized in the community. Clothes, disinfectants and other materials were purchased for the employees involved in those works. “We have also helped the organizations – the wool factory, the shops – to carry out the disinfection works properly. There is also an operative headquarters in our community. Once a week we convene a headquarters meeting, which is attended by the police, the medical center and a number of other organizations. At the session of the operative headquarters we try to understand where the most common infection is, what measures need to be taken. Efforts are being made to control coronavirus-infected residents so that the infection does not spread too much. “During this time, we have provided food for the families in self-isolation,” said the mayor of Amasia.



Amasia is an enlarged community, which includes 9 settlements. Mrs. Jemma Harutyunyan said that materials for disinfection were provided to the heads of all settlements to carry out disinfection works.


“We have a service office, where the employees, according to the curfew decision, after measuring the temperature, maintain a distance of 1.5 meters and serve the residents from the window,” said the head of the community.

During this period, the staff of the municipality visited the settlements to raise the level of awareness of the citizens. About 2000 masks and gloves were purchased at the expense of the community, which were distributed to the residents of 9 communities.


 “We provide information to the population through the Amasia website. Work is being done to ensure that residents wear masks properly, and we are working closely with the police. “We organize visits in our 9 settlements so that there are no accumulations and the infection does not spread,” she said.


The kindergarten, the library, the sports school of Amasia community are closed, all kinds of events are stopped.


According to Mrs. Harutyunyan, special requirements have been set for funeral ceremonies. “There are complications during funerals, which our employees must attend so that there are no gatherings. There should not be more than 15 people at the funerals, besides, the halls for funerals are “closed” and the residents perform these ceremonies in their homes. ”

According to her, this coronavirus has had a negative impact on a number of areas. “The difficulty is that we had a wool factory. An infected person was found in the wool factory, after which it was closed for 15 days, the sewing factory is “closed” and does not work.


We have a monitoring committee, during which we decide which facilities should be monitored. We have even been to the fields, we have talked to the population to wear masks to communicate with each other, to limit the contacts with the outside world as much as possible.


Of course, from the beginning the society was not ready for the epidemic, because it was news for all of us. “Now the biggest task for us is to control the citizens in isolation so that they do not leave the house and the infection does not spread,” Jemma Harutyunyan concluded.


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