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“Mothers who have served bring up their children to be more precise, teaching to be ready to all the difficulties of life”


The issue of girls’ serving or not serving in the army often becomes a topic of discussion. Even European countries are actively working to attract women into military service and, in some Eastern countries it has long been a functioning mechanism. Similar discussions are regularly held in Armenia too. MP Tevan Poghosyan has repeatedly talked about it, including from the chair of the National Assembly…


“The opinion that women should serve in the army, and I express my opinion about it not only today, but also one, two, three years ago, -said Tevan Poghosyan- MP of “Heritage” faction- to WomenNet.am- addressing a parliamentary hearing before the events of April when he expressed his opinion that girls should serve as it is in the Israel army.


According to Tevan Poghosyan,  every citizen of Armenia regardless of gender have to at some extent contribute to the defense of the country.


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