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Karine Asatryan: “If people can see strength in me, then I have to run and struggle”

Karine Asatryan, a nurse at Sarigyugh Ambulatory near Tavush region, is one of three women running in the community at the September 29 local government elections. Karine has previously been a member of the Council of Elders.


I was the first and only woman in our village to serve on the council. At first it was difficult – I was the only woman out of the five members. There were stereotypes both years ago and now. But time and human interaction put everything in place. Because of work, I have had to help people in different situations at any time of the day, regardless of age, gender.


The activity of Karine Asatryan in Council of Elders was later interrupted. And now, after the velvet revolution, she has again decided to run, listening also to the voice and demand of her fellow villagers. Karine wants to see progress in the village, ready to do everything for her. She says if a person feels that he/she has the opportunity to do something good for the community, should do his/her best. Karine’s profession has helped much and she has dedicated herself to it for 25 years.


The role of the family is important in nominating women. Her family is always by her side. Has 3 children, grandchildren. She says that her husband and she have a high level of mutual trust and understanding. His support is always felt, both at home and in the workplace, and she is confident that he will actively support the elections as before.


Talking about the problems of Sarigyugh, the lack of water first of all indicates that people have greenhouse farms in the village, and this year, as it was a very hot summer, they had serious losses due to lack of water…


– The ambulance is in a very bad condition. In summer it is hot and in winter it is cold. Even the liquid ampoules froze and exploded. Can I accept sick people here under such conditions? I had to run to their homes. We have raised this question many times, I do not lose hope.


 Karine Asatryan knows that she has an obligation to contribute to the development of her native Sarigyugh, she listens to it constantly, in her surroundings and during visits. And the pre-election campaign is not important for her, everyone in the village knows  her, just enough to know that she’s running for elections.

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