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Karine Ghuasyan: “We have paved a way, which young girls can pass with more confidence”

By profession, dentist, lecturer, entrepreneur, member of the Vanadzor City Council, member of the “Enlightened Armenia” party Karine Ghukasyan is convinced that the difficulties are given to overcome them rather than despair.


“My active career started back in 1999, when the“ Narine ”baby food was brought from Yerevan to Vanadzor. I decided to organize its production locally. I had a supportive family, enough knowledge, though business was new at that time, not only for me, but also for Armenia in general. At that time, I was teaching at Vanadzor Medical College.


She admits it was difficult in the beginning: there was no equipment needed, the product was scarce and sold at only one pharmacy in the city where the delivery was on foot.


The situation changed when a US grant program was looking for female producers in Armenia.


“At that time there were almost no such ones in Armenia and I was invited to training. I learned a lot, I saw what was not available in Armenia. I came back with a serious stock of business knowledge, ”she says.


Later, in 2003, a young woman founded a farm. Production was already carried out on its own territory. She began to produce other types of dairy products as well what the market demanded.


We produce several types of cheese, butter, yogurt, buttermilk and more. As production volumes increase, we are thinking of expanding the area as well, ”she says.


Over time, I gained recognition regardless of my will. I have always been an oppositionist. Perhaps that was also the reason I received an offer from the Bright Armenia Party to run for council as a member of their team. I was nominated and elected.


“Today, many of the issues raised by us as a result of the joint discussions of our committees are on the agenda of the council and lead to results.


I love my city as a citizen, but when I look at my city as a council member, everything looks different. I stop being one of the most fascinating people in the city and become one living with its problems and following in their footsteps, ”


Dr. Ghukasyan confesses that she loves dentistry the most, which is not just a profession but a goal.


Even today, the mind is working towards the restoration of a free dental clinic for children, which has been suspended for seven months.

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