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Karine Mikaelyan: “Any problem in Artashat city is also my problem”

“The business wins when it has a heart and soul,” Karine Mikaelyan, director of Robada LLC, a candidate for council of elders in Artashat at the September 29 local government elections, said in a statement.


It seems that the management of the gas station is solely a male monopoly, but Karine Mikayelyan, director of the Robada gas station in Artashat, Ararat province, broke that stereotype by proving that she can do that job successfully.


Being able to manage my organization literally and correctly is also due to the support of my husband and son, who help me with all matters. I also strictly adhere to the rules of work safety and the working conditions of workers so that there is no violation. This year we celebrated the 10th anniversary of our organization, during which  there were no violations in the biography of Robada LLC, ”says Karine.


In 1992, Karine graduated from Yerevan Vahan Tekeyan School # 92 with a high grade. In 1993 she married and moved to Artashat. The aspiration to continue her education does not fade even after she has become a mother to three children and receives a law degree from Artashat University. By the decision of the shareholders of “Robada” LLC, which opened in Artashat in 2007, Karine Mikaelyan is entrusted with the management of the gas station, who has been convinced many times about her honesty, organization and conscience. Time assured them that their choice was the right one, because over the past 10 years, Karine has not only proved to be an honest taxpayer, but also a wonderful manager and has earned the respect of 12 male employees at the gas station.


Of course, a credible and conscientious taxpayer can display the same characteristics in many other areas, including the resolution of many issues that concern the city and its residents. So every time she was asked to run for council, she was accepted by Karine, as the moment was ripe.


Artashat, where Karine has lived for the last 27 years of her life, has become a hometown, with the respect and affection among its residents and the mutual love she has received.


I’m essentially active and trying to do everything for the benefit of our city. I have repeatedly raised the issues of garbage disposal and lighting in the city, which are of concern to the people of the city. And when I say that I will run for the local government elections, they are excited and welcome my decision. I live on Yerevan street, there is a garden in our neighborhood, which is in poor condition, there is dust and garbage everywhere, we dare not open the windows. There are no playgrounds in the city, there are few trees, ”says Karine.


According to the Council of Elders candidate, there is no swimming pool, no entertainement center for children, no cared garden, the only refurbished place is the city church, which has become the only resting place for the residents.


These are problems that should have been solved long ago. However, according to Karine, the problem lies not only with the failed institution of the council of elders, but also with the national mindset, as some run in and win the elections with the support of a wide range of close friends.


According to Karine, women’s involvement in the council of elders is due not so much to their  number, but willingness to work, determination to get the job done.


Asked what area of her city management she is considering using her skills and abilities, Karine highlighted the construction industry. Neighbors can testify that for the third time with her efforts the entrance to the building has been repaired, the whole area has been cleaned, and she never thought it was her duty.

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