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Sexist dish – pink khash for women

While non-governmental organizations are struggling against sexist stereotypes in Armenia, and at the legislative level, the state fixes the equality of men and women and prohibits sexism, and some advertisers generate new ideas for deepening stereotypes. It’s about offering a pink khash for women. Of course, it can always be justified whether this is just a marketing trick designed to make customers more interested in the services provided, but given the fact that the offer was received on the Internet, this marketing innovation was fraudulent due to sexism.


One of the users wrote: “What does it mean  khash for women? It is impossible to find something more stereotypical”. The other post. “It was simply impossible to offer more stereotyped, depraved ideas. I’m only interested in one thing: if the author is a woman. If yes, she needs a psychologist … ” Or, “Khash is not a lingerie that should be different for women and men… The rest of the notes are in the same context.


In this whole story, the remarkable and encouraging thing is that angry commentaries are written by both women and men, not accepting even the existence of such an idea.


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