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Women councilors are concerned about the Insufficient volume of disinfection work

The female representatives of the opposition factions of the Yerevan Council of Elders, the secretary of the Prosperous Armenia faction Hripsime Arakelyan and the member of the Luys faction Tehmina Vardanyan assess the insufficient disinfection works carried out in Yerevan. Gayane Vardanyan, a member of the “My Step” faction, refrains from commenting on this.


“Frankly, I have already understood that expressing an opinion does not reach the point. In the city of Yerevan, disinfection is done at a very bad level. And this is when, according to experts, the virus can remain on different surfaces for several hours, sometimes even several days, and it is obvious that improper disinfection can contribute to the spread of the disease. In the entrances of some buildings, as we have seen, some disinfection work has been done, but they are not widespread, they have carried it out in a very few buildings, so it would be ridiculous to evaluate these works as satisfactory. I say this not only as a member of the Council of Elders, but also as an ordinary citizen, ”the PAP figure told WomenNet.am, expressing confidence that the opinions of the residents of the capital do not differ from what she said.


Hripsime Arakelyan draws attention to the fact that the streets in Yerevan are not cleaned at sufficient level, in the conditions of the epidemic as before the coronavirus. At the same time, she emphasizes that the municipality has a problem with the equipment carrying out such works. “Despite this problem, the municipality is trying not to bomb as much as possible, but, yes, we do not have enough technical means to carry out washing, sanitation and disinfection works in the streets,” she said.


It should be noted that developed countries have made great strides in this regard, involving robots, drones and other equipment in disinfection. The frequency of work is also high, urban transport is disinfected not once, as we used to do, but at least three times.


However, their absence did not prevent them from washing the streets in Etchmiadzin, a few kilometers away from Yerevan, which had become a major source of infection. As they say, if there is a will and desire to work, the means will always be found.


The only female mayor of Armenia, Dianna Gasparyan, told about the washing of the streets with the help of tractors on March 17. Today, a tractor also worked with the water cannon, which provided additional disinfection of the central and busy streets by means of jet spraying, ”Diana Gasparyan wrote on her Facebook page.


By the way, these days there are frequent publications in the international press that the countries whose leaders are women have achieved the greatest success in the fight against the spread of coronavirus.


“Yes, I agree, women leaders, whether they are at the helm of the city or the government, are fulfilling their duties with much more responsibility and devotion. Maybe it’s because it’s much harder for women to get a job than it is for men, ”says Hripsime Arakelyan, noting that there are exceptions.


Tehmina Vardanyan, a member of the Bright faction of the Yerevan Municipality’s partner in Yerevan, adds that women are more meticulous, enterprising and caring when faced with such problems.


“Nevertheless, whether it is a woman or a man, it is important to have the courage to face the problem, to be conscious of one’s job and position, and not to engage in populism. We have an example, our only female mayor was the first to start disinfection and sanitation in Etchmiadzin, ”says Vardanyan.


The member of the Council of Elders noticed and was convinced that the proposals made by the opposition in Yerevan Municipality are not accepted, and the criticism is taken seriously by the city authorities, responding with sharp and emotional pages.


A few days ago, Tehmina Vardanyan, a member of the Bright faction, posted photos on her Facebook page, where they were washing the streets of the neighboring country’s capital, Georgia, with disinfectants. “I hope you will hang your heads when you look at it,” she said.


In response, one of the members of the “My Step” faction of the Yerevan Council of Elders simply mocked the steps taken by the Tbilisi city government, and after being criticized, announced that he had made a joke.


In a conversation with WomenNet.am, Gayane Vardanyan, a member of the “My Step” faction of the Yerevan Council of Elders, refrains from considering the disinfectant works carried out in the city as sufficient or insufficient. The lack of washing the streets explains by the lack of such instructions as the Ministry of Health.


At the same time, Gayane Vardanyan notes that disinfection measures can never be exhaustive or satisfactory, in this regard, she lacks the responsibility and vigilance of every citizen. According to the member of the Council of Elders, instead of washing the streets, the municipality directs the financial means to provide social assistance, which, according to her, is a more real and effective job.


Meanwhile, her opposition colleague Tehmina Vardanyan draws the attention of the city authorities to the issues raised by the citizens: the calls to the hotlines are ignored, there is no proper disinfection, while the street trade is developing at full speed.


“When I finally managed to have a telephone conversation with our ‘self-isolated’ mayor, I offered to disinfect schools and preschools during the state of emergency, to which he replied that they would think about it. In recent days, I have noticed videos spread on the Internet by employees of educational centers. Yes, work is being done. I hope in full.


Finally, we must realize that disinfection work must be carried out not only in the selected areas, but in full. And the pathos 24/7 must become a reality. Today, the citizen also needs the care of the city government, the citizen should see that his mayor is standing next to him, not desperately looking for him and making fun of him on the Internet, ”says a member of the Yerevan city legislature.


By the way, the Ministry of Emergency Situations is carrying out disinfection works in different cities of Armenia.

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