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Newly appointed female deputy ministers, who are they?

Government of Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan can be considered as formed. At the level of ministers and deputy ministers, the appointments are almost over, but there will be appointments in the lower circles and bodies adjacent to the government. There are jobs that are still vacant.


By reviewing recent appointments, we can state that although there are only two women ministers in the new cabinet, the number of women in the ranks of deputy ministers has increased in comparison with the previous cabinet. Another issue is that female deputy ministers were appointed only in the seven ministries. In total, at the moment, there are 10 female deputy ministers, representing 16% of those employed.


Two of the three Deputy Ministers of Education and Science are women – Arevik Anapiosyan and Lusine Arakelyan.


The Minister of Health also has two female deputies – Anahit Avanesyan and Lena Nanushyan.


Deputy Minister of Culture – Nazeni Gharibyan


This is the case when the deputy minister is closer to culture than the minister. Although Nazeni Gharibyan has stated in one of her interviews, she does not pretend to the minister’s position and is satisfied with the activity she is doing today.

Deputy Minister of Labor and Social Affairs – Zaruhi Batoyan


One of the three deputy ministers of the ministry, Zaruhi Batoyan, was previously known as the rights defender of disabled people, and was elected as a member of the Yerevan Council of Elders by the proportional list of “Yelq”.


One of the three Deputy Ministers of Economic Development and Investments is a woman, Mane Adamyan, who has been awarded the Luys Foundation scholarship and has graduated from the Cambridge University Development Studies Master Program and worked with Karen Karapetyan within the “Development Fund”.


Political scientist Irina Ghaplanyan has been appointed First Deputy Minister of Environmental Protection.


In recent years, the Ministry of Sport has had the first female deputy minister. Kristine Asatryan was appointed to this post.


It should be noted that Deputy Minister of Transport, Communications and Information Technology Amalya Yeghoyan, who was appointed in February this year, has held the post of Deputy Minister from the previous cabinet.


Women deputy ministers have not been appointed in more than half of the ministries.



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