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Three women nominated for Mayor of Yerevan

An unprecedented situation has been created for women’s participation in the upcoming municipal elections in Yerevan. For the first time, several female candidates will compete for the post of Mayor of Yerevan. At this time, at least three women have confirmed their intention to become mayor of Yerevan. MP Naira Zohrabyan will head the list of the Prosperous Armenia Party, head of Yerkir Tsirani party will be headed by ex-MP Zaruhi Postanjyan, and architect Anahit Tarkhanyan will take part in Yerevan municipal elections, leading the list of “Gala” party.


The fact that Mrs. Tarkhanyan has such an intention has been for a long time and today she has personally confirmed it.


By the way, it is not excluded that besides Naira Zohrabyan, Zaruhi Postanjyan and Anahit Tarkhanyan, other female candidates will also compete for the mayor of Yerevan. And even if they are not so well-known in political processes, after a velvet revolution, it will not surprise anyone, and today’s youth and new names are given a pretty serious card-blanche.


Thus, WomenNet.am learned that the Reformists Party is also holding serious discussions about participation or non-participation in the Yerevan Council of Elderly elections. Speaking to us in a conversation with the party leader, NA former MP Vahan Babayan did not deny this information and mentioned that they are in the active stage of discussions and the only clarity at the moment is that if a decision is made about participation, he will definitely not head their list.


Discussions are underway, forces are testing the field and their capabilities before the Yerevan City Council is officially dissolved and a new election day will be announced. But the fact that Yerevan will have a new mayor by the end of September is not ruled out that for the first time in the history the capital will be handed over to a woman…


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