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From education to labor market. Few people withstand road tests

The path from education to the job market for young people is full of trials, sometimes so complex that many change their pre-selected career path and start a career in a completely different direction. For example, they have to give up a profession they love and who sometimes take loans and other hardships to learn.


Thus, according to the 2018 Youth Centered and Gender-Based Survey of Labor Market in Armenia conducted by Save the Children, more than half of young people surveyed are willing to change their jobs if possible, with men more willing to work than women; And young people in rural areas are more likely to change jobs than in urban areas.


These and similar studies show that in the Armenian reality, youth can be considered a vulnerable group, since even higher education is not a guarantee that after graduating from a University, a young person will find a job in his or her preferred field, and will be paid accordingly…


According to the report, overall 50 percent of working youth do not meet their educational level: the latter is higher. There is also a discrepancy between the requirements of the job market and the quality of education received; More than half of young people with secondary and vocational education believe that the theoretical knowledge and professional skills acquired do not, at all, largely meet current job requirements.


And though our heroes have managed to find their place in the homeland, continue to be educated and self-manifest, but there are also examples that young people with higher education are not able to find the job they want, specialize in their chosen field, and have to deal with day-to-day problems, get a job or do other jobs, and sometimes just leave the country.

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