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“I understood later that my right to work was violated”

Lyudmila Avagyan, a pensioner, was one of the many employees whom, at the time, official statistics qualified as shady or informal, with all the consequences of that fact. This is evidenced by the story that she presented to WomenNet.am.


She began her career in the Youth Palace of Yerevan and later worked at Kirov Synthetic Rubber Factory (present Nairit). Later she worked in different organizations, but without registration and work book. For a short time she left for Saint Petersburg, where she has lost working documents. Back to Armenia Lyudmila in 2005 started working at  Dzerzhava-C from January 1, 2012, as a cleaner, and in 2017, On July 1, was dismissed from her job.


Now, due to years of retirement, Lyudmila has faced numerous problems with retirement. She now receives a 30,000 AMD pension, which, according to her, is too small for her years of work and she has applied to the RA Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs to revise her pension The violation committed by Derzhava C CJSC on Lyudmila was not restricted to L. Avagyan’s dismissal, and she was not paid for the unused vacation of a period of 12.5 years as well.


Though L. Avagyan is not sure whether the law will restore her violated right, yet she is going to appeal to the court. The unwavering support of the Legal Department of the CTBT made her hopeful that her right to work could still be restored.


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