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Liana Manukyan: “Yerevan is our home. All of us should keep it clean”


“I want to see Yerevan clean, happy citizens of Yerevan, smiling each other, helping each other during the days of revolution,” says Liana Manukyan, a Yerevan city council candidate nominated by Orinats Yerkir party. He is ready to serve his eight-year active party experience to make the life of the capital and its residents a little better.

Liana Manukyan has many years of experience in the field of education. She has worked at Yerevan State Pedagogical University and then Dean of the Pre-School Department of the European Regional Academy. From 2017 – Head of Educational-Methodical Department at CSTO and EURASES Academy. In the Council of Elders, the core of her activities will be the reform of the education sector.

“Starting from pre-school institutions, schools and universities, with higher education institutions, everything needs improvement. Of course, this can be done in no particular time, no matter in one year, time is needed, besides, many questions are not in the eligibility of the council, but the important thing is to start working right in the right direction.

According to Lianna Manoukian’s view, the sector’s problems are so many –  she highlighted the problem of inclusive education, and the local authorities, especially the Yerevan Council, play an important role in the implementation of the project.

Lianna Manukyan mentions that no matter how much the problem is talked about, the free movement of people with disabilities in the city continues to be almost impossible. Liana Manukyan also emphasizes that besides being educated; people with disabilities need also the issue of employment to be solved.

According to her, the cleanliness of the capital is also an important part of the pre-election program. Recently, everywhere there is garbage and stench, which annoys all the residents of the capital.


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