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LIFE program helped about 550 people with disabilities to find permanent job


This important achievement was presented under the applause of the audience during a conference held on February 26 in Yerevan dedicated to the preliminary results of introduction of inclusive education and employment model of persons with disabilities within the frame of the LIFE program. Let’s recall that this program, having been implemented in Armenia for the fourth year, is implemented by the organization “Save the children”, funded by the US Agency for International Development. The main objective of the program is to provide employment to people with disabilities.


Jina Sargizova: “The most important thing is that the process has started in our country”.


Today, thanks to LIFE Program 543 people with disabilities were provided with permanent job. 44 vocational institutions have created conditions for inclusive education, 930 young people with disabilities got professional education and, finally, 19 social enterprises were established.


Representing the details, LIFE Project director Jina Sargizova mentioned that the specific feature of the program model is as follows: not to meet the needs of individuals, but to ensure their rights and they will be able to solve their own needs if they have employment and income.


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