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Grandmaster Lilit Galoyan has sued the Armenian Chess Federation

A festive event took place in the family of Armenian women’s chess team, international grandmaster of women, international master of chess men Lilit Galoyan. two children, Levon and Arpi were born. During her pregnancy, Lilit had to keep silent about a phenomenon,  conversations about which  would  damage her health –  Sport.panorama.am reports.


It turns out that pregnancy can be a reason for a player who has been involved in the national team for a long time and has shown good results, is considered to be in bad shape.


In this story, however, the most interesting is that the Armenian Chess Federation has made its decision illegally.


The Armenian chess player, who has kept Armenia’s honor in international tournaments many times, is not going to sit with his hands folded. In his opinion, today a group of people who violate the Constitution and the laws of the Republic of Armenia have been assembled at the federation.


“As a citizen of Armenia, I intend to defend my violated rights. I have already appealed to the court demanding to invalidate the unfounded decisions made by the federation. I asked the federation for the minutes of the sessions, the rules of the formation of the national team and the federation’s charter. I have not received any documents till now, “said the chess player.


That is, even if they acted in accordance with the amended charter, they did not have the right to do so, as this statute was registered in the manner prescribed by law, and came into force only at the end of July this year, “she said.


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