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Lyuba Abrahamyan. “For me, both Armenia and the whole world start from my village” / multimedia

Lyuba Abrahamyan, 76, has been a member of the council since the first day of the establishment of the local self-government system. The honored educator worked for 47 years as a teacher in the native Darpas village school. She was first elected a member of the Darpas community of Lori marz in 1996. She tells us that her family has never been hampered by her active social work, and has realized that without her, Mrs. Luba cannot.


“I have never been able to shut down in a workplace like many others. only work has never satisfied me. It didn’t matter to me who was at the forefront of power, the important thing was to be able to direct them, directly or indirectly, to help people, my surroundings, my community, ”says Ms Lyuba.


Alongside the many good works done in the community, Abrahamyan also mentions difficulties and problems. She speaks with pity about the arable land, the village has no equipment, that is why the villagers are not engaged in farming today.


Being close to Vanadzor has a very positive impact on the socio-economic situation of the village. However, Mrs Abrahamyan is against community enlargement.


“I consider it wrong to enlarge communities. Yes, both the number of women in the LSG decreases, and the communities lose their image, and decisions will be made in favor of larger communities because their representation in the council is overwhelming, ”she explains.


Speaking about the role of women, Lyuba Abrahamyan says that she has been the only female representative in the community council for 24 years. There were female candidates in the pre-election period but were not elected. This time, in the upcoming elections, she has decided not to nominate herself, but to support other female candidates.


“Everyone respects Mrs. Abrahamyan  not only as a teacher, but also as a good woman, a parent, a relative. We have learned so much from her and continue to learn. Don’t ask her age, she still has so much energy, so much power, and I don’t even know what work to talk about. She always stands by the residents of the village, not only with her work, but also with advice, she always manages to do everything, ”says one of her fellow villagers, Alisa Zakhkloryan.


She is a strong woman’s image. When you look at her, you think that there is no age, that a woman always remains young and energetic. Lyuba Abrahamyan’s case for the presence of women in the decision-making process in our community must be continued, ”says Darpas resident and teacher Armine Dunamalyan.


“My teacher is unique in every way. She dedicated herself to the village, to the prosperity of the village. The role and presence of women in all areas is very important. There are questions that need to be looked at from a woman’s point of view, and Lyuba Abrahamyan’s presence in the council has helped us a lot in such matters, ”says Darpas Community Head Armen Aloyan.


“And you know, today I am reaping the fruits of my years of work. I am proud of my students, my fellow villagers, our achievements. There are many new settlers in our village, and this is due to the kindness and hospitality of the Darpas villagers. . We know how to accept and help, so they have come and stayed in our village, “concludes our conversation.

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