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Lusine Haroyan “Love towrds the homeland should be mutual…”

Our interlocutor is Lusine Haroyan, who heads the proportional list of the National Progress party, which has applied for an extraordinary parliamentary election scheduled for December 9th. By the way, we had the opportunity to state that “National Progress” is one of the political forces participating in the elections, the list of women candidates exceeds the male candidates. There are 83 candidates in the state party list, of which 43 are women (51.8%), and 35 of 53 out of 65 candidates in territorial lists are women. The party is also the only one in its top ten list of four female candidates.


Member of the Board of “National Progress” Party Lusine Haroyan is a sociologist, graduated from the YSU Faculty of Philosophy, Psychology and Sociology, has been educated in tourism and is the founder and director of the “Melinet” travel agency. Previously, she was not a party member. A civic activist is a member of the “We are the Owner of our Country” initiative.

When was the party created, what ideology does it have?


– The party was created months after the velvet revolution, but all members of the party were very active in the past five years. They are the people for whom the name of the homeland is not an empty word, and they have always tried to help the homeland prosperity, at the same time struggling against the lawlessness.

Participation in the elections is not an end in itself; our goal is to be useful in the homeland and our participation in political processes is only a means to achieve it. We are positioned as a leftist ideology that connects the future of the country with a socially safe and well-educated society. Our program is very clear in that sense. I am active in nature, I have a large group of people on the social network, called the “Armenian Tourist Guide”, I am an initiator, I have a tourist agency, I’m doing serious professional activities.

How did your team and family react to the fact that the  electoral list will be headed by a woman?

The party welcomed as the result of the discussions was a joint decision. The family is accustomed to my activity. I am a widow, I have two children. My daughter graduated from Yerevan State University, now she is studying at the American University of Armenia, my son is in the 12th grade. Work, civic active struggle, child care and upbringing – combining all this has always been a part of me, as I am a struggling species. I want our people to live in a worthy way. Our people are very good, I take foreign tourists to the provinces, they are always appreciative of the welfare of our compatriots. In the regions people live in poverty, but they are ready to accept, entertain, feed foreigners, and be caring.

We have laws that we can evaluate as good or bad, but if there is a desire  even a bad law can work and achieve good results. The law in our country did not work. Our party has set itself a task, in addition to legislative amendments, to implement the mechanisms of implementation as well.

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