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“Let’s play”: offers “MAM” company

Recently, a novelty has appeared in the Armenian market, which is, of course, long-awaited and demanding by parents with small children. This is about the games, developed by the “MAM” for children. Though they have been in the market for two months, they are already available in toys specialized stores, bookstores and a number of children’s centers. The developer of these games is Armenuhi Avagyan, an assistant professor at the Department of Logopaedics and Rehabilitation Therapy at the Pedagogical University named after Kh.Abovyan, who has 22 years of experience in logopaedics.


Speaking to WomenNet.am, Mrs. Avagyan mentioned that her logopedic activity has always been associated with science, research and teaching and, as a result of monitoring the needs of professionals and parents, the “MAM” games initiative was born. The monitoring showed that there is a need for such developmental games in Armenia.


In her words, today  our Armenian market needs Armenian high-quality and beautiful toys, that is why this idea was born. The problem is that even if other games exist in the market, they may appear to be ceded by their quality or not professionally thought out. In other words, there may be the lack of the child’s age group separation, game’s accessibility,  the target area to which game is directed. Sometimes, the guide is missing for a parent or professional. Seeing all those gaps, she  thought to come up with such an initiative and contribute to the production of Armenian developing games, thought-out, professionally designed and accessible to both the specialist and the parent.


In addition, the game contains the idea of inclusion. They try to play through games, on the one hand, to make people with disabilities ordinary in the eyes of the child, and on the other hand to involve them in the process of creating games.


One of the innovative approaches is that the company not only elaborates and delivers new games but also provides a free master class for professionals and educators of institutions who purchase a large number of games.


Armenuhi Avagyan’s idea of implementing her initiative has long come to an end, but the first game appeared in Yerevan bookstores only in December 2017. The second game entry to the market is expected in the coming days. Now the company is in an active stage of informing, presenting games to the public.


In her words it is difficult to start any business, and she has been facing some difficulties which forced her to delay the implementation of this initiative. But in fact, it turned out that everything was easier than it seemed to her at first. There is no need to be afraid, one should try and start bravely, having right partners and ideologists.


Ms. Avagyan also spoke about their motto. “Usually we have the following picture: our kids are either playing alone with a toy or playing some electronic gadget, computer, tablet, mobile phone. The motto of our company is “Let’s Play”, so we fight against electronic gadgets that isolate a child and cause serious problems in communication and socialization.


Speaking about the upcoming programs, she said that “MAM” is planning to present a new game at least every two to three months. Also, entering the international market where there is a demand for Armenian games. At the moment, a number of local and international organizations, including abroad, wish to cooperate.


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