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Parents of children attending the kindergarten will finish their work an hour early. Project

The RA Ministry of Education and Science has put into circulation the draft on making an amendment to the RA Labor Code, by which the child care provider attending pre-school educational institutions will have an opportunity to finish working day at 17:00, if the end of their working day is at 18:00.


The adoption of the project will give an opportunity to the child care providers who attend pre-school educational institutions to more effectively organize the process of attending their children’s preschool education.


It is noted in the baseline that the existing working time regime at community-based pre-school educational institutions in Armenia creates many difficulties for parents of children who attend preschool educations.


“Preschool educational institutions usually end at 17:30, as a result of which one of the parents or guardian of the child has to face additional difficulties in the current working regime, leaving the workplace early, which causes the management’s dissatisfaction.” Justification reads.


“The adoption of the project will also prioritize the work of pre-school educational institutions, as the organization of the work of the staff of the mentioned institutions will be more appropriate, taking into account the fact that work time will be more predictable for pre-school staff ” the authors of the project note.

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