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The problem of working hours of kindergartens. expectations for solutions?

The issue of kindergartens in Yerevan remains one of the most painful issues on agenda. It certainly requires a systematic approach since the problems are multilayer, starting with the building conditions, from the children waiting in the queue for years. Recently, the Yerevan City Administration has announced that mankapartez.yerevan.am will soon launch the registration process to make it more transparent and easier for the citizens and their parents, who are waiting for their children, will personally follow the whole process of the system. Mayor Hayk Marutyan met with the kindergarten directors of the community and stated that “he would do everything to start up all our kindergartens qualitatively.”


However, there is still no word about a problem that is a serious hindrance for parents who want to return to work, but do not fit in the working hours of kindergartens. WomenNet.am has addressed this issue many times, but until now, no solution has been identified.


Promises were made by the majority of the Yerevan Council of Elders, including “My Step” bloc. Tehemina Vardanyan, a member of the Luys faction of the Council of Elders, told WomenNet.am that if such a project is in the council about kindergartens work until 18.00-19.00, she will support it, because according to the Labor Code work  ends in Armenia at 18.00.


Her colleague’s approach is shared by Isabella Abgaryan, a member of the “My Step” faction, who personally felt the problem of working hours for kindergartens as a working mother.


After all, send the child to a private kindergarten or a school –  whether it’s the parent’s choice. If a parent wants his child to learn more skills before going to school or learn a few languages, get better food, and so is ready to pay for it, that’s his choice. The services of private kindergartens, as well as the prices, have a broader range in this regard. But that should not be a forced decision.


P.S. The salaries of kindergartens’ employees will increase by 20%. Yerevan mayor Hayk Marutyan said this after the council meeting on January 29th.


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