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Maria Karapetyan: “Women can be flexible and tough”

WomenNet.am’s interlocutor is Maria Karapetyan, who ranks 16th in the “My Step” alliance electoral list, as well as nominated a candidate in the 5th constituency of Ararat.


Maria Karapetyan graduated from Yerevan State University. Afterwards, he graduated from the Faculty of Linguistics and Intercultural Communication at the State Linguistic University after Bryusov, with a bachelor’s degree in linguistics and geography and then a master’s degree in European Studies. 2013-2015 studied and graduated from the Third University of Rome entitled “Peace Studies: International Cooperation, Human Rights and European Union Policy “. She has studied at Yerevan International School and has worked as a Development Manager at Imégen Conflict Management Center and has coordinated regional professional networking programs. In 2015-2018, she was the author of the “Caucasus Edition: Conflict Mitigation Coordinator. She is a member of the board of the Rondine Citadel of the Italian non-governmental organization. In March 2018 she co-founded the “Forbidden Serge” initiative. She is a member of the “Civil Treaty” party since October 2018. Fluent in Armenian, Russian, English and Italian. She is from Vanadzor. He is 30 years old.


  • Before the revolution, I was convinced that if the regimes do not organize free, fair and transparent elections for people, they will be caught up in their expression of will, then people can organize a “referendum” on the streets and yards. I’m happy that it happened so that the power was returned to the citizen. During this campaign I urge the citizens to delegate their votes to the National Assembly with the force in their team to see people representing one of them. In other words, keep the power in their hands.


Women are not a monolithic society. Women can be flexible and tough. Women should be more involved in the conflict resolution process, not because they are the bearer of a certain approach, but because they are bearers of many approaches.


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