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Mariam Hovhannisyan: Elder candidate for big projects in small village

On June 9, several communities in the country have snap elections. In Ditak, 5 out of 6 elder council candidates are women, 5 of them are from other communities.


30-year-old Mariam Hovhannisyan has been nominated as a candidate for the Council of Elders, she says she understands what needs to be done to make new projects in the village. “It is a small village, we all know each other, potential of everybody. We have to use their potential, find programs to get these women to work. If we can find some programs that their work will be appreciated, they will not only do manual work for themselves but also go out to the market, “says Mariam.


Mary is active, industrious, loves the village, has a fruit garden,  greenhouse, she bakes lavash, and takes two children to song and dance groups. It seems impossible to overestimate the problems of the village with the overburden of the village and the land. No, Mary says she is doing everything in time and she is doing with love.


The candidate says that after being elected as a member of the council, she will imagine more clearly what can be done to help people in the village to set small businesses, to create a small farming farm, because there are some prerequisites but something is missing. She says women are more organized, like in family and at home and doing everything well,  women can the same in the community.


In response to the question why there are more women candidates in this village, Mariam says, perhaps the main reason is emigration, young men are outsourced, and women are more active in the village.

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