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Mariam Nikolyan: “I Want Our Women to Reach Highs”

Mariam Nikolyan, 31, a resident of Ditak village in Ararat province, has decided to run as a candidate for the council of elders. The elections will be held on June 9th.


Mariam is a non-party, says she is ready to work in Ditak’s council, sure she will get enough votes. Has two specialties: pre-school education, and before that she studied at the Agrarian University.


“When I received the offer, I told my family members and nobody was against it. My husband asked me if I wanted to get involved. I said, why not, I also want to work in the community to solve a problem. After that I decided to nominate myself. My husband said that he will stand next to me in every way,” says Mariam.


“Women are no less intelligent, more active, even more wise, so I decided to run in order to move forward and develop our community”.


Mariam has two children, she is primarily thinking about the children of the community: “I have been working in the kindergarten as a tutor, this work was a stimulus to be nominated because I think I will make the community more attractive for the children, help them to live in a better environment, live in a cheerful, healthier, environmentally-friendly environment, get in touch with the community, and then not to emigrate. I have to try my best to give them a better life. ”


Mariam Nikolyan says, “How can this be achieved? “To some extent, I imagine the work in the council, but you will not be able to fully manage the situation unless you’re there.”


Mariam thinks almost all the communities in the community can be involved in this work: “These dried fruits should be transformed into good commodities and women have potential, some of them may find design solutions”.


“I want our women who have different talents to have a job and reach a height. I know they do not have much money, not everything depends on money, they do not even imagine how they can participate in the program. Whenever I am in the council, I think we will find ways to support them. We will bring different projects to the community, “says Mariam.



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