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Marina Klimlyan “People are convinced by the works done and the candidate’s path”

WomenNet.am held an Interview with Marina Klimlyan, nominated by the Yerkir Tsirani party’s pre-electoral list for Yerevan City Council elections. She is a founding member of the party. She founds that primary health care should be available especially for women and children.


She was born in 1960 in Sukhumi. She studied at the Faculty of Philology of the Abkhazian State University, and in 1992 she moved to Yerevan as a result of the Georgian-Abkhazian conflict, working at No. 197 School as a teacher of Russian language and literature. Then she went to work at School No. 21 and from 2004 to present she holds the position of Deputy Director.


  • Being a founding member of our party and working with Zaruhi Postanjyan, who is known to everyone by her love towards homeland and Yerevan, I also decided to try to help solve the problems of Yerevan.


First of all, the problem of pre-school education should be solved. There are few kindergartens, not all children attend kindergartens, so mothers do not work, and they sit at home. But if a woman works, she will bring benefit both her family and the country.



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