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Marine Kocharyan: “We all should serve the same purpose, all in one direction, let’s look ahead”

Marine Kocharyan, who is in the 4th place in the Orinats Yerkir party list, answers the questions of WomenNet.am. She is the principal of School No.186 of Yerevan, since 2005 she has been a member of the Orinats Yerkir party, since 2012 she has been the chairman of the Women’s Union of Orinats Yerkir.

  • I received the proposal from the party’s political council. With great pleasure, I love Yerevan very much, and I see a lot of things in the city. I felt it was time to say my words and act. Being a school principal at a small scale, but I have experience in management and I know that if you have a goal, you can do a lot with scarce resources and human resources.

The program is of course developed by the party, but it has been created as a result of discussion and everyone has expressed their opinion. I think a good external experience can be brought to the capital, for example, last year when I was in Poland I witnessed good urban transport and mothers with children were traveling in a specially separated area, so urban transport was not blocked and no one was late.

The city should also be interesting for tourists, and only cafes and museums are not enough, you have to add the value of memorable places.



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