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Marine Brutyan: “Farmers need to constantly look for new ideas”

Marine Brutyan lives in Sevkar bordering community in Tavush province. For the past two years she has been engaged in the processing of fruits together with several women from Sevkar working at “Delicious” LLC, using special technologies to produce jams and marmalades.


Since childhood I have worked in the land. I consider agriculture my profession. But I must say that being born in the village gives one a feeling of inexplicable love for the land. When you collect the harvest from your garden with your hands it is not only the harvest, but also part of your life,   fruit of the spent time. It’s been 58 years that I’ve lived in Sevkar village. Most of my adult life has passed in agricultural work. My  education is also agricultural.  I graduated from agricultural college. I am married and am still living in Sevkar. I am a happy women, I have three daughters, they are also married and live in Sevkar. I have 9 grandchildren –  3 boys, 6 girls.


She says that workshop for processing  pastries and fruits established in the Sevkar village with Oxfam support has been operating two years.


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