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Mary Janoyan: The captive of her conscience and the author of her time / Multimedia

Մերի Ջանոյան. Իր խղճի գերին և իր ժամանակի տիրակալը

Mary Janoyan, a member of the Vayk community council of Vayots Dzor, believes the woman is an interesting, flexible and surprising creature. She can trusted the most complicated case and she will justify the hopes of the community, even the most demanding resident …


She is such a mild and kind, caring and reaching, dreaming, and creative person.


Born in Vayk, after graduating from the school, he studied at the Yerevan State Pedagogical Institute after Kh. Abovyan, Faculty of History and Law. Currently working in Vayk school as a history teacher. He is the chairman of Trade Union of Vayk Area Education, responsible for Christian education in Jermuk and Vayk of the Armenian Apostolic Church, and also an active member of the Community Council in Vayk.


“In Vayots Dzor, in parallel with the enlargement of communities in 2016, there would also be local elections. I was very surprised when my husband voluntarily offered to take part in them and nominate my candidacy”, says Meri.


The job at the Councilor doubled Mary’s responsibility, but she did not complain. Initially, she was not satisfied with the course of the council meetings, but they were more formal, but after the political events in 2018, the sessions are more meaningful, the decisions are more efficient.


During one of the recent community council sessions, Marie managed to prevent the Vayk Kindergarten’s salary cuts, she has applied for a number of grants programs for renovating the kindergarten and the House of Culture, consistent with timely and proper implementation of Wayk and community garbage disposal.


Within the framework of the Energy Saving Program, a fund was established in Vaik, a commission was formed, which included Mary. It is planned to solve the issue of lighting not only in Vayk but also in the Arin community through solar panels.


“We are engaged in family tourism development. In this community, we have bought several homes to repair, prepare for tourists. Though we live in Vaik, we consider Gomq as our second home. At first we bought a summer house and later expanded it by buying 4 houses, which then multiplied. We are currently investing in our loan. But we do not complain. from the fact that it’s temporary, it’s not worth  complaining, “says Mary Janoyan.


“Looking forward to the time when we repaire and furnish all our houses, we are working with our small family to create an environment where everyone will want to imitate that the village become a place where people live not only to survive, but also to live in love with their native village and do not think about leaving it. By the way, the houses we bought have names: House of Love, White House, Children’s Home. During the renovation we try to make sure the old style is preserved and at the same time is modern. I’ve made many things with my own hands, “says Mary.


Multimedia story is available here.

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