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A mobile application will be created to prevent violence against women

A mobile application will be created to prevent gender-based violence in Armenia. Director of the Enterprise Incubator Foundation Bagrat Yengibaryan stated that the World Bank Group and the Sexual Violence Research Initiative awarded $ 95,500 to the Armenian Technology Business Foundation to develop an innovative solution to reduce gender-based violence. The app will be available worldwide.


Yengibaryan explained that the term “violence” does not apply only to physical violence, it is wider and generally speaking about gender inequality in the society.


“There are organizations in Armenia that have quite interesting solutions and creative workforce to be able to develop an app to prevent gender-based violence. That’s why we have a year, “he said, pointing out that they are aiming to provide expert support and information for women in real time through the launch of mobile phone applications and digital technology. According to him, similar solutions are being used in Egypt. A woman who has been abused just clicks  the cell phone app and the specialists find her geographical location and try to find a solution to her concerns. He also noted that the app would also help to assess the real scale of the issue, as women often do not speak about it, and it often remains in the shade.


In turn, the head of the World Bank Armenia office, Silvi Bossuthgho, noted that violence against women also affects the country’s economy, reducing the GDP. According to her, it is a very complicated process, but it is evident that many women are unable to work because of gender-based violence, they do not generate income, they do not consume conditional earnings, which negatively affects the economic indicators.


Speaking to WomenNet, Bagrat Yengibaryan mentioned that in their team, which will work on the application, 70 percent are women. In other words, their activities encourage women’s employment and their use of resources. “Not only do we encourage and use this resource, but I must say that Armenia has an exceptional index of IT, about 40 percent are women. There is no such indicator in the world, “he added.


It should be noted that these days the RA Human Rights Defender’s report of 2017 has been published, in which a separate chapter is dedicated to the protection of women’s rights, including violence against them. The Defender states that violence against women is one of the most common forms of discrimination against them, which is regarded as being a violation of fundamental human rights and freedoms in line with international requirements. According to the report, violence against women is mainly in the family environment and is manifested both physically and psychologically, sexually and economically. Violence against women and domestic violence have both direct and indirect effects on women’s ability to adapt, self-actualize and self-affirm, and to be protected. This phenomenon is common all over the world, has different manifestations and prevalence levels. It is also a phenomenon spreading in Armenia, about which both the Armenian government and the public and international organizations and the society are responding.


By the way, recently it became known that the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs of the Republic of Armenia will open an account with the right of temporary use for temporary financial support of victims of domestic violence.

Accordingly, it is envisaged that financial assistance to a person who has been abused in the family is provided at a rate not exceeding three times the minimum monthly wage, ie 165,000 AMD. And besides this, the Prevention of Domestic Violence Prevention Council will also be established.


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