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Mothers under 30 will get professional training and scholarships


A new employment program has been approved at yesterday’s government session. The program envisages up to six months of vocational training by the employer to provide opportunities for young mothers to gain the skills and abilities necessary for the labor market.


Within the framework of the introduction of a new model of state employment policy, it is important to increase the opportunities for entry into the labor market of young (under 30) mothers uncompetitive and unskilled in the labor market through organization of professional training by employers.


According to the document, young mothers will also receive a six-month scholarship at the minimum monthly salary during vocational training.


The state will also pay the employees of those enterprises that will agree to take over the case. They will get a 20% premium.


The government plans to start the program since 2018. In the first stage 100 women will be included.


  The priority of engagement in the program is given to an uncompetitive person who,

1) has three or more children;

2) is considered a single mother.

3) her family receives a family or social allowance.


According to the draft, an noncompetitive person may be included in the program each subsequent one, at least three years after the end of the program.


As far as persons with disabilities are concerned, their vocational training is carried out taking into account the individual rehabilitation program of the disabled, compiled by the Ministry of Territorial Body of the Agency for Medical-Social Expertise or the Re-examination Division.


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