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How and between whom will be distributed the mandates of Yerevan Council of Elders?

Today, the Central Electoral Commission has compiled a protocol on the Yerevan City Council Elections. Out of 848.346 citizens 370.365 or 43.65 per cent of voters took part in the voting of Yerevan Council of Elderly elections. Out of the 12 participating forces, six failed to cross the threshold of 1 percent; three received a 1-2 percent vote.


As a result, the Yerevan Council of Elders will have three forces: My Step Alliance (81.06 percent), Prosperous Armenia (6, 59 percent), Luys Alliance (4.99 percent). Although the Luys alliance has not overcome the transition threshold for being included in the Council of Aldermen (8% for alliances, and 6% for parties), the provision of the legislation to which the composition of the representative body must be represented at least must be 3 political forces.


It is not clear at the moment how the mandates of the 65-member Council of Elders will be distributed among the three political forces. CEC Chairman Tigran Mukuchyan did not publish figures, noting that he will do so after the announcement of the final voting results, i.e. on September 30.


The Council is elected for a five-year term. The term of office of the newly elected Council of Elders begins at the time of the first sitting. From that moment the term of powers of the previous Council of Elders shall expire. Council of Elders: the mayor, his first deputy, members of the Council, Council of Elders and standing committees.


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